About JnJ Construction

From the outset, the prevailing concept behind JnJ Construction, far above and beyond providing the highest possible quality and craftsmanship available, is to do it one project, one client at a time.

To this end, founders Jason and John strives to run one project at a time and build a lasting relationship with each client. The end of the project does not signify the end of the relationship. At the beginning of each project, each client is given direct communication via personal cell phone numbers, and may contact John or Jason personally at any time during or after the project.  This enables J&J to concentrate all our efforts in one place, to dedicate our time and commitment to one client, regardless of how large or small their project may be.

We work closely with homeowners, architects, interior, and kitchen designers to ensure a full and clear understanding of their expectations of the project, and then we strive to surpass those expectations.

We use only the best quality materials available.  The use of higher quality materials pays dividends beyond what one would normally expect. Better materials are easier to work with and give a superior finished project more quickly, thus enabling us to charge less for labor, while providing our clients with a better quality product for the same or less money.

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